Goodbye Single Digits. Hello Double!

Last week we welcomed Terra Naomi on The Booth and she did a marvelous job. Terra gracefully accepted our request to perform her hit song, “Say It’s Possible” as her 4th song, but her new music including her soon-to-be single. “Help You Fly” was a hit among Periscope viewers. Be sure to check out more of her upcoming music by going to As for you die-hard Periscopers out there, Terra seems to be ‘Scoping more and more so follow her to see her perform often. In two days we have a favorite band of The Booth, Savoir Adore, coming in-studio to kick off our 10th episode. That’s right, TEN episodes. What?!? Our (and your) baby is growing up so fast. All we can do is keep feeding it good music and it should grow to play with the big boys. See you this Wednesday at TheBooth_Live on Periscope.
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